Sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done marvelous things...Psalm 98:1

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letting Your Song Out

"I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing.....
I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing.....
I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing.....
and obey the Spirit of the Lord."
African-American Spiritual

During our worship service a few weekends back, the Lord showed me some beautiful pictures of worship from my 6 year old that I had to share:

He wanted to stand for every song, even if the rest of the congregation wasn't.  He's small so he wasn't blocking anything.  I was nervous.  Was he going to distract someone?

Swinging his arms like the trap set was right there, he was drumming throughout every song.  He didn't miss a beat.  You could tell he was feeling worship with his whole body.  It was the only way he could let the music out, the motion and rhythm, the worship.

I noticed his older brothers seemed uncomfortable with his worship.  Should I reign him in? Innocent worship was here, now.  He had to express what he was feeling and nothing less would do.  My heart began to swell as I watched and began to feel what he was feeling....worship.  Joy.  Pure love for this moment with my Savior.

It got me thinking:

Do I ever hold my worship inside?  
Do I ever feel too embarrassed to worship my King with my everything?
Do I reign in what's inside?
Doesn't He deserve my best?

The music stops and house lights come up.  He stops moving and looks around.  We grab our things and move out of the sanctuary, silently thankful for this time. 

The moment has passed.  Now what?  Can I carry this worship on?  Can I listen to the Spirit's moving and when a moment comes, stop and give Him worship?  Or will I ignore it and go about my day without letting it out?

We were created to give Him our worship.  We all have songs in our hearts, crying to come out.  Songs of praise that our Savior has given us.  But we get self-conscious, we're worried about what someone might think if we worship Him the way He wants us to.  

How I long to go back to being a child, singing with my Sunday school class in front of the congregation.  I was the only one dancing.  Free from judgement, I wanted to dance and no one stopped me.  I had to let the worship out.

It doesn't always have to be a dance or drumming.  It doesn't have to be in song.  It can be in a silent prayer of praise, written words expressing your journey of gratitude to the Giver of all good things.  A picture taken on a camera, a painting capturing what's in your heart.  The ways of expressing worship are endless.  It's about listening to what He's asking you to do.

Next time that moment comes, I'm going to join my son in worship.  I'm also going to seek those moments out for myself and "dance" for my King.  Because He deserves it.

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