Sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done marvelous things...Psalm 98:1

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prayers = Getting close

We brought the kids into church with us last Sunday.  It's always hit-or-miss.

"No, you may not sit by each other," 

"please stop wiggling and try and listen to the sermon," 

"we just went to the bathroom.  You're going to have to wait."  

I have to ask God to help me catch nourishment from Him around the distractions.  But we feel it's a great opportunity for our children to see how the adults worship without the flannel boards and goldfish crackers, especially for our older sons.

On this particular morning, I sat next to our six year old.  I had packed some things for him to do but I planned to reconnect him with the service during the music and prayer time.  After the music, we sat down and began a time of prayer.  I leaned down to him and told him it was time to pray.  His response softened me.  He grabbed my neck and pulled our faces close together.  Skin next to skin.  I could feel his breath on my cheek. His "hug" was strong and felt wonderful to this tired and weary Momma.

I was immediately drawn to my Savior.  The image of Him reaching out to me, arms out-stretched, ready to pull me in for a warm and loving embrace.  His breath filling me with hope, courage and strength to face whatever comes next.  We were connected.  Close.  It was beautiful.

My son reminded me of how valuable prayer is.  It is our way to connect - face-to-face - with our Lord.  He is not waiting to judge, condemn or criticize.  He is waiting to love us, to hold us and speak to our hearts.  It should never be rushed but sometimes it is, a "power hug," if you will.  But how I love the lingering hug, the one that fills my empty cup and leaves me feeling content and warm, inside and out.
Here he is with arms out ready to
grab me into one of those hugs!

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  1. What a lovely mental image of being drawn to Jesus that way!